Cave of the Shadow Ninja: Part III – Out this Friday!!

PART III: The Curse of the Black Manta

As Patrick, Sendai, and the three sons of Sato discover the truth behind the mysterious thief’s quest, a dangerous curse begins to reveal itself in this, the third installment of Cave of the Shadow Ninja.


 Part III Sample:

Patrick looked to Sendai before he stood and moved toward the outcropping. As they approached, a mass of freshly killed soldiers slowly came into view. Patrick stopped. His blood ran cold as he gazed upon the dozens of guardsmen lying motionless in the sun.
      “This is recent,” Sendai observed, staying close behind his friend. “Since this morning at most.”
      As Patrick looked over the dead, he noticed that each of their throats had been cut, many with their swords still in their belts. Sadly, the Wolfen was no stranger to sights like this, but something about it brought a sense of hollow terror into his gut.
      Patrick had seen these faces in the nightmares caused by the dark water. He had watched each of them die through the eyes of their killer. But how? Why? Then suddenly, he knew . . “You’re right,” Patrick said softly and coldly, “we need to go after the Ninja.”
      “Something on your mind?” Sendai asked delicately.
      “Have you ever met a witch?” Patrick asked.
      “No, Have you?” Sendai responded, his tone swelling with concern.
      “I . . .” Slowly, the Wolfen turned toward the black lake as the memory of a thousand horrors raced through his mind, “I think I just did.”


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