Art of the Shadow Ninja Part I: Rachel Everett

I met Rachel Everett at Salt Lake Comic Con in 2015. Her artwork had such an honest and easy style to it, I knew immediately that she would be perfect for this book. She understood what I was looking for in an instant and I was incredibly excited when she decided to take the job.


Building a map and weapons for a world that only exists in someone else’s brain cannot be easy but Rachel was a complete professional and provided work that was so fantastic, it quickly became my favorite part of the entire book.


I’d like to thank her for bringing Cave of the Shadow Ninja to life and I cannot wait to work with her again.

Miss Rachel Everett is the writer and illustrator of the comic book series 13 Light-Years Away. She has provided illustrations for children’s books, web comics, storyboards, card games, t-shirts, and much more. She currently resides in Mapleton, Utah, and is employed as a graphic designer for a local electric company. You can find her work on InstagramFacebookTumblr, and Patreon


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