Cave of the Shadow Ninja: Part V – The Exciting Conclusion – Out this Friday!!

PART V: The Azure Flame

With time running out, our heroes face the ultimate challenge in this the fifth and final installment of Cave of the Shadow Ninja.


 Part V Sample:

Akiko had grown accustomed to fleeting glimpses of sleep that came to sudden, crashing halts. Even with friends and brothers surrounding her, it appeared this night was no different. The sudden noise that had woken her fired against impulses and threw her into a roll forward as Patrick’s saber collided with the blade of a dark assassin.
        The shadow Ninja followed her movement and struck again. Akiko’s instincts made her reach for the sword on her belt but when she found her obo empty, the events of the previous days followed her into consciousness. After raiding the damaged supply cart, her strap, with a reserve of projectiles and other weapons, was back around her waist, but the Red Sword of Sato was nowhere to be found.
        To defend herself, she pulled two throwing stars and caught a procession of the assassin’s attacks with the steel shuriken in the palms of her hands. As the fight progressed, Toji and Ozo leapt from their bedrolls and took their place at Akiko’s side.
        The attacking Shinobi dissipated and reappeared across camp, shadowed in the purple light of the horizon as Patrick and Sendai joined the Ninja and her two brothers, facing the mysterious attacker.
        “Kubaba?” Toji asked.
        “No,” Akiko admitted, “this is someone new.”


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