Cave of the Shadow Ninja: Part II – Out this Friday!!


After Patrick and Sendai capture the mysterious thief, they discover the truth behind the Ninja’s quest in this, the second installment of Cave of the Shadow Ninja.


 Part II Sample:

As the thoughts of his father consumed Ichi, Toji suddenly lifted a hand and stopped the brothers’ advance. Ichi held his breath as the sounds of the forest rose, soft and sure, like children playing in the distance. Ichi watched Toji closely as his brother’s ears took in every note offered by the timberland.
          After the forest began to shift, accepting the presence of the three brothers into its harmony, Toji’s brow twitched. “There,” he whispered.
          “What is it?” Ichi asked as his fingers tightened around the hilt of his sword.
          “A small, inhaled breath,” Toji continued, “just deliberate enough to—” Instantly, Toji’s sword rang from his scabbard, followed closely by his brothers’.
          “Him?” Ichi pressed, eager to meet this thief.
          “Someone,” Toji teased, unsure, as the brothers instinctively formed a circle, back-to back.
          Ozo bent his knees and dug the ball of his foot into the soft earth. “He’s not on the ground,” the young samurai reported.
          “Not to worry,” Ichi assured him, “he can’t hold his breath forever.”


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